Yashua’s “Silencio” Impacts The Streaming Charts

Yashua’s new single “Silencio” was released by Pulse and Magnus on April 6th and made an immediate impact on several key playlists and new artist charts. The song reached #1 on Spotify’s “Viral 50” chart in 10 different countries in South America and hit #6 on the same chart in the US. It was also added to major Spotify playlists including Viva Latino, Radar Latino, Latin Pop Rising, Verano Forever, and Viral Hits Canada. On Apple Music, the song was featured on Old Man Ebro’s “Discovered on Apple Music” and the key playlists: A-List Pop, Breaking Latino, and Hot Tracks. The music video for “Silencio” has been viewed 3 million times since its premiere on April 5th.

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