Maren Morris – Hero

Hero is the major label debut from Maren Morris and is the culmination of a career that started at age 11 where she transformed from songwriter to artist. The breakout single “My Church” fueled tremendous buzz and success for Morris over the past year, and the Huffington Post described the new album as “poppin’ fresh as a box of popcorn for a hungry audience of thrill seekers at a blockbuster movie premiere.” Pulse and Creative Nation clients Natalie Hemby, Barry Dean, and Luke Laird are co-writers of 3 songs on Hero. Hemby co-wrote “How It’s Done” and “I Wish I Was” and Dean and Laird co-wrote “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry.” Rolling Stone noted the Morris is “part of a new wave of Nashville musicians making their moves by doing things their own way.”

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