Goldlink & Rick Rubin: In The Studio


Pitchfork profiled Goldlink in a story yesterday about his experience working with music icon Rick Rubin at his Shangri La recording studios in Malibu, CA. The blogosphere was ignited last week when Goldlink announced that his debut album After That, We Didn’t Talk will be released on November 13th on Soulection, the LA-based music collective. Last year, Goldlink signed a music publishing deal with Pulse and American Songs, Rick Rubin’s new publishing company. In describing the recording process for his new album, he spoke about Rubin’s creative input, “I played him a first verse of a first draft, and he was like, ‘This is cool, I guess? I get what you’re trying to do, but I think you should back and do that again.’ Reality check.” He went on to say “I would hit him up when I needed him, and he was always responsive. He says stuff for free, he’s always looking out for me.”

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(photo credit = Mark Peaced/Pitchfork)