Bonnie McKee – Bombastic

Bonnie McKee steps out from behind-the-scenes as a multi-platinum, award-winning songwriter. and back into the spotlight as a solo artist with her new ep Bombastic. Recorded at her personal studio at Pulse hq, Bonnie’s co-writers on Bombastic include Pulse clients Sean Walsh, John Newman, Oligee, and Gladius. The 4-song ep is the first commercial release for McKee since 2013’s “American Girl,” and it’s her first independent music release. The campaign kicked off in late May with the launch of the eye-popping music video for “Bombastic,” which is approaching 1 million views on YouTube. Artist Direct said it best, “With this ep, Bonnie McKee adds elements of Rock n’ Roll fearlessness to the pop spirit that fans of her songwriting cuts love and admire.”

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