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Hailing from South Florida, multi-instrumentalist Zach Fogarty cut his teeth early in the Miami music scene, working with artists like Denzel Curry and Twelve’Len, whose debut album he mixed and produced.In 2015, Zach moved to Los Angeles and soon began collaborating with Brockhampton affiliate Roy Blair, producing “Jane” and “Happy” and mixing “California” from Roy’s 2017 debut album ‘Cat Heaven.’ After touring with Roy, the dynamic writer and producer began to expand and explore, connecting with a wide range of artists and contributing productions for favorites like Claud, Girlpool, Quiet Luke and Silver Sphere. In 2019, Zach began playing guitar with avant-pop star Jean Dawson, while producing the majority of the Rick Rubin-signee’s acclaimed ‘Pixel Bath,’ including standouts like the shimmering, euphoric singles “Power Freaks” and “Bruiseboy,” the latter, awash in digital shoegaze, followed by the A$AP Rocky-featuring stadium rock jam “Triple Double.”

While Zach’s talents lie in his ability to produce over any genre or style, whether festival-headed hip-hop or guitar-driven indie pop, what sets him apart is his ability to make artists feel comfortable, giving direct feedback and empowering both developing and established artists alike to achieve their ideal sound.

“I work with my friends and try to make great records that hold up to the standards that were set by all of my favorite artists and producers before me,” Zach says. “I try to keep it simple.”

  • Younger Hunger - "Narcissist" (Writer)
  • The Blossom - "Shapeshifter" - 97 Blossom (Writer)
  • Biig Piig - "American Beauty" - The Sky is Bleeding (Writer)
  • Jean Dawson - "Ghost*" (Writer / Producer)
  • CARR - "Loser" (Writer / Producer)
  • THE BLOSSOM - "SPORTS CAR" (Writer / Producer)
  • CARR - "KIss Me When I'm Dead" (Writer / Producer)
  • Jean Dawson - "Menthol*" (Writer / Producer)
  • hotjohnmichael - "GOD AGAIN" (Writer / Producer)
  • King Princess - "Little Brother (feat. Fousheé)" (Writer / Producer)
  • Carlie Hanson - "Tough Boy" - Tough Boy (Writer)
  • Carlie Hanson - "Minnesota" - Tough Boy (Writer)
  • Carlie Hanson - "Come Back Around" - Tough Boy (Writer)
  • Jean Dawson - "PORN ACTING*" (Writer / Producer)
  • Jean Dawson - "GLORY*" - CHAOS NOW* (Writer / Producer)
  • Jean Dawson - "BAD FRUIT*" - CHAOS NOW* (Writer / Producer)
  • Jean Dawson - "SCREW FACE*" - CHAOS NOW* (Writer / Producer)
  • Jean Dawson - "PORN ACTING*" - CHAOS NOW* (Writer / Producer)
  • Jean Dawson - "BLACK MICHAEL JACKSON*" - CHAOS NOW* (Writer / Producer)
  • Fousheé - "stupid bitch" - softCORE (Writer / Producer)
  • Fousheé - "let u back in" - softCORE (Writer / Producer)