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Partnership with Wide Eyed

TODD SPADAFORE is an incredibly versatile multi-instrumentalist, producer/writer from Boston, MA. Growing up in the city, he quickly found a home playing percussion in local bands and immersing himself in the underground hip hop scene that led to working with MF Doom and Wu-Tang. After moving to Los Angeles, he became more involved in the alternative, pop and soul worlds leading to cuts with Little Big Town, The New Respects, Grayson Chance, Elliphant, and Austin Mahone. He also produced the entire Audra Mae album ‘Love, Audra Mae’, as well as the bulk of Earl St. Clair’s (Def Jam) 2019 album release Potluck. Favorite collaborators include Chloe Angelides, Fresh (Akil King), Kameron Grae, Jeff Goldford, JT Roach and recent collaborations include Aldae, Morgxn, Noel Zancanella, Sam DeRosa and Anna Clendening.

  • Phe - "Wtv, It's Cool" (Writer)
  • The Blah, Blah, Blahs - "Champion" (Writer / Performer)
  • Hueston - "Fade" (Writer)
  • Nick Broadhurst - "Throne" (Writer)
  • Chloe Angelides - "Outside My Window" (Writer)
  • Nick Broadhurst - "Save a Little" (Writer)
  • Hueston - 'Orbs' (Writer)
  • Josh Levi - "Nosebleed" - Disc Two (EP) (Writer)
  • enobe, Abbey Price - "Uncomfortable (feat. Abbey Price)" (Writer)
  • enobe - "Kettle (feat. Blush)" (Writer)