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Tido is a Finnish record producer, songwriter, and engineer. In a few years he has now produced and co-written 14 Platinum singles, 20 Gold singles, 1 Triple Platinum album, and 3 Gold albums in Finland. These achievements lead him to being nominated as Producer Of The Year at the 2019 Finish Grammy Awards. Outside of the Finnish music market, Tido has made a name for himself as an international music producer and songwriter. He co-wrote/produced “Last Call” on Tinashe’s latest album 333. Tido has produced for several artists in the Latin music market, co-writing Sharlene’s single “El Vecino” which was featured in Warner Bros feature film Birds Of Prey, and produced two songs on Danna Paola’s Latin Grammy Nominated album K.O. Tido also has had success in the J Pop and K Pop markets, producing and co-writing on Enhypen’s latest album Dark Blood which debuted at #1 in Korea, and Top 5 in the US selling almost 2 million copies worldwide. Other cuts include King & Prince’s 2020 #1 single “Mazy Night” which sold over 2 million copies, as well as co-writing and producing on SHINee’s latest album Don’t Call Me – The 7th Album which debuted at #1 on the Overall Apple Music album chart.

  • MIYAVI - "Other Side" (Co-Writer / Co-Producer)
  • In Real Life - "Tonight Belongs to You" (Co-Writer / Producer)
  • Sharlene - "El Vecino" - Viaje (Co-Writer)
  • CHANMINA - "PICKY" (Writer)
  • VINCINT - "Save Myself" (Writer)
  • Chanmina - "Picky" - note-book-u (Writer / Producer)
  • claquepot - "Flying" - Press kit (Writer)
  • Sobrino - "Paraíso" (Writer / Producer)
  • SHINee - "Kiss Kiss" - Don't Call Me - the 7th Album (Writer)
  • Cash Cash - "Paris In New York (Feat. Brandon Colbein)" - Say It Like You Feel It (Writer)
  • Tinashe - "Last Call" - 333 (Writer)
  • LOONA - "Not Friends" (Writer)
  • Sobrino - "Oro" (Writer)
  • JAEHYUN - "Forever Only" (Writer / Producer)
  • JAEHYUN - "Forever Only - Instrumental" (Writer / Producer)
  • KEY - "Proud" - Gasoline - The 2nd Album (Writer / Producer)
  • claquepot - "blue print - feat. Novel Core" - the test (Writer / Producer)