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23 year old Kieran Watters (professionally known as The Idiot) is a producer / songwriter managed by Sam Watters (manager of Lucky Daye) & Alyssa Castiglia of Primary Wave who is signed to Pulse Music Group for publishing. The son of a successful music producer, Kieran grew up in the recording studio, where he honed his skills for engineering, creating, and facilitating artistry.

Most recently, Kieran produced Pell’s “Walkn Twrds D Fye”, the Carter Ace single “The One and Lonely” (Republic Records), the latest Unusual Demont single “Vanta” (Avant Garden Records), and was selected to participate in Spotify’s first ever Fresh Finds Spotify Singles program in conjunction with Spotify’s Noteable alongside Unusual Demont resulting in the song “Hey!” He also produced and co-wrote Esty’s “7heaven” (performed live on COLORS in partnership with Burberry), Dizzy Fae’s single “I’m Good”, and Esty’s single “Holy Ghost $$$”.

  • Dizzy Fae - "I'm Good" (Writer / Producer)
  • Esty - "Holy Ghost $$$" (Writer / Producer)
  • Esty - "7heaven - A COLORS SHOW" (Writer)
  • Pell - "Walkn Twrds D Fye" - Floating While Dreaming II (Writer / Producer)
  • Carter Ace - "The One and Lonely" (Writer / Producer)
  • Unusual Demont - "Vanta" (Writer / Producer)
  • Unusual Demont - "hey! - Spotify Singles" (Writer / Producer)
  • Carter Ace - "The One and Lonely" (Writer / Producer)
  • Pell - "Wlkn Twrds D Fye" - Floating While Dreaming II (Writer)
  • Carter Ace - "Me Sometimes" - The One and Lonely (Writer)
  • Wiley from Atlanta - "No Vacancies" - Kingfisher (Writer)
  • Wiley from Atlanta - "Run my Mouth" - Kingfisher (Writer)
  • Esty - "7heaven" - Estyland (EP) (Writer / Producer)
  • Esty - "Home" - Estyland (EP) (Writer / Producer)
  • Esty - "i 4got ur birthday" - Estyland (EP) (Writer / Producer)
  • Esty - "pegao!!!" - Estyland (EP) (Writer)
  • Esty - "Break My Phone" - Estyland (EP) (Writer / Producer)
  • Fana Hues - "Breakfast" - Flora + Fana (Writer / Producer)