Taylor Thrash

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TAYLOR THRASH is a Midland Texas-born singer-songwriter, rapper and producer signed to PULSE through Cisco Adler. Thrash independently released his self-titled EP with his leading single called “La La Love” that allowed him to extensively tour as an artist. Since then, Thrash has released singles showcasing both his sheer lyrical abilities and vocal range while continuing to create new music with his fusion of lyric-driven pop and hip-hop. Recently he has been focusing on his songwriting career with his Dallas-based collective Country Clvb and continuing to contribute to Cocoon – the artist collective and music incubator that Cisco Adler has put together in Malibu, California.

  • TAYLOR THRASH - “93” (Writer/Performer)
  • LOR KINGS - “WI AFF feat. Taylor Thrash” (Writer/Performer)
  • WALZ - “Apt 2132 feat. Taylor Thrash” (Writer/Performer)