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BRAD HALE (SOMBEAR) is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and writer based out of Minneapolis, MN. One half of the band Now, Now, he is the main collaborator alongside lead singer KC Dalager, who have collectively worked the project 100% themselves. Their 2018 record ‘Saved’ received “Best of the Year” nods via Billboard, GQ, NPR , Fader, Idolator etc., placements across the film, tv and video game world, and had them touring across the country as direct support for Maggie Rogers. They’ve done official remixes for Muna, Joywave and more.

Outside of the Now, Now project, Brad is an avid writer and producer under the moniker Sombear. Specializing in inventive melodies and dreamy productions across the alternative and indie worlds, Brad has had cuts with Grimes, The Naked & Famous, Chelsea Jade, as well as multiple credits on the newest Luna Shadows album. He played a big role on KennyHoopla’s major label debut EP ‘how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?//’ (Arista) and is continuing to work extensively as a producer and writer across the project. Brad will also be producing the new John-Allison Weiss album in its entirety. Additional collaborations include Georgia Knott (of Broods), Joywave, Ryn Weaver, Chaz Cardigan, Lexi Jayde, Samia and more.

  • KENNYHOOPLA - "dust//" - how will i rest in peace if I am buried by a highway?// (Writer)
  • KENNYHOOPLA - "the world is flat and this is the edge//" - how will i rest in peace if I am buried by a highway?// (Writer)
  • Grimes - "My Name is Dark - Art Mix" - Miss Anthropocene (Writer / Producer)
  • Grimes - "My Name is Dark - Algorithm Mix" - Miss Anthropocene (Writer / Producer)
  • Now, Now - Threads (Performer/Writer)
  • Now, Now - Neighbors (Performer/Writer)
  • Now, Now - Saved (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Now, Now - "Lonely Christmas" (Writer / Producer)
  • Now, Now - "SGL" (Performer/Writer)
  • Now, Now - "AZ" (Performer/Writer)
  • Now, Now - "MJ" (Performer/Writer)
  • Sombear - Love You In The Dark (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Sombear - "Find Me At Night" (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Sombear - "Golden Rave" (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Sombear - "US, Atoms" (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Seven Lions - "A Way To Say Goodbye (feat. Sombear)" - The Throes Of Winter (Performer)
  • Chelsea Jade - "Laugh it Off" (Writer)
  • Luna Shadows - "Waves" - Summertime EP (Producer)
  • Luna Shadows - "Cry Wolf" - Summertime EP (Producer)
  • Luna Shadows - "Youth" - Youth EP (Producer)
  • LUNA SHADOWS - "millennia" (Writer)
  • LUNA SHADOWS - "battery life" (Writer)
  • Luna Shadows - "Cheerleader" - Youth EP (Producer)
  • LUNA SHADOWS - "The Nineties" (Writer)
  • The Naked & Famous - "Higher" - Simple Forms (Producer)
  • So Below - Left Behind (Writer/Producer)
  • So Below - "Ruin" (Writer/Producer)
  • So Below - "Crying on the Bathroom Floor" (Producer)
  • Hudson Thames - "Our Song" - Lip Tricks EP (Writer/Producer)
  • Cardiknox - "On My Way" - Portrait (Writer/Producer)
  • Courtney Farren - "White Rabbit" (Writer)
  • Ber - "Your Internet Sucks" - Your Internet Sucks (EP) (Writer / Producer / Performer)
  • Ber - "Boys Who Kiss You In Their Car" - Your Internet Sucks (EP) (Writer / Producer / Performer)
  • Ber - "Superspreader" - Your Internet Sucks (EP) (Writer / Producer / Performer)