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Saint Mino is an internationally acclaimed music producer, renowned for his work in commercial popular music. He has quickly made a name for himself in highly respected rooms by making contributions to the musical brilliance of a long list of award-winning songs, including, Wizkid’s “Gyrate”, Roddy Ricch’s “Prayers to the Trap God”, Jack Harlow’s “Out Front”, A Boogie wit Da Hoodie’s “Talk About It”, Don Toliver’s “5X”, and many others. Moreover, Mino’s work on these songs has garnered overwhelming recognition, such as a GRAMMY® nomination. As a music producer, Mino was instrumental to Vince Staples’ newest album ‘Ramona Park Broke My Heart’ and he worked closely with Vince to compose “Rose Street,” “Player Ways,” and “The Spirit Of Monster Kody.” He seamlessly displays his knack for having a boundless production prowess which derives from his personal taste in music.

  • Roddy Ricch - "Prayers to the Trap God" - Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial (Writer / Producer)
  • Roddy Ricch - "Everything You Need" - Live Life Fast (Writer / Producer)
  • Russ - "Paranoid" (Writer / Producer)
  • Don Tolliver - "5X" - Life of a DON (Writer / Producer)
  • A boogie wit da Hoodie - "Talk About It" - Artist 2.0 (Writer / Producer)
  • G-Eazy - "Everything is Everything feat. Goody Grace" - These Things Happen Too (Writer / Producer)
  • Wizkid - "Gyrate" - Made in Lagos (Writer / Producer)
  • Jack Harlow - "Out Front" - Sweet Action (Writer / Producer)
  • Jack Harlow - "2Stylish" - Sweet Action (Writer / Producer)
  • Vince Staples - "Rose Street" - Ramona Park Broke My Heart (Writer / Producer)
  • Vince Staples - "Player Ways" - Ramona Park Broke My Heart (Writer / Producer)
  • Vince Staples - "The Spirit of Monster Kody" - Ramona Park Broke My Heart (Writer / Producer)
  • Tory Lanez - "W" (Writer / Producer)
  • YBN Nahmir - Regardless - Visionland (Writer / Producer)
  • Norman Perry - "CC" - Foreign Perry (Writer / Producer)
  • Norman Perry - "Signals" - Way Darker This Time
  • TyFontaine - "Lil Slime" - Beautiful Michi Girls (Writer / Producer)
  • SpotEmGotEm - "What They On" - Back From The Dead (Writer / Producer)
  • Landstrip Chip - "Dollar Signs" - Catch My Good Side (Writer / Producer)
  • Jacquees - "Reason Why" - Sincerely For You (Writer / Producer)
  • Zack Bia - "Hardcore (feat. Don Toliver)" (Writer / Producer)