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RYAN ALAN is a Denver-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and artist. In addition to helping develop Warner Music’s Bhad Bhabie, Ryan has worked closely with super producers Murda Beatz and Tay Keith as well as Pliznaya, M3rge, Keanu Beats, and 1Mind to name a few. Outside of Hip Hop and Rap, Ryan is an exciting all-around eclectic talent who has an alternative rock artist project as well as placements with Diplo, Clean Bandit/Charli XCX, THEY., Chanmina and Future Jr..

  • KingRytheFirst - "Jinx (That Man)" (Writer)
  • KingRytheFirst - "The Feeling" (Writer)
  • CHANMINA - "PICKY" (Writer)
  • KingRyTheFirst - "Road Blocks" (Writer / Performer)
  • Plane Tary - Moving On (Writer / Performer)
  • TheSpaacedOutSlackerz - "So Long" (Writer)
  • Future Jr. - "Back to You" (Writer)
  • Bhad Bhabie - "That's What I Said" (Writer)
  • TheSpaacedOutSlackerz - "Steady" (Writer)
  • KingRyTheFirst - "Gotta Love It" (Writer)
  • Tyla Yaweh - "Back Outside" (Writer / Producer)
  • Kevin Abstract, Ryan Beatty - "SIERRA NIGHTS (feat. Ryan Beatty)" (Writer / Performer)
  • Thespaacedoutslackerz - 'All of a Sudden' (EP) (Writer / Producer)