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Partnership with Magnus

PUTUTI is a singer/songwriter/producer from Cuba who co-produced/co-wrote the latest singles for Gente De Zona, “Te Duele” and “Muchacha” feat Becky G, as well as their hit single “Si No Vuelves” which spent 2 months in the Top 5 Tropical Radio songs chart. He also co-wrote two songs on Marc Anthony’s #1 album OPUS, and 12 songs on Gente De Zona’s RIAA Platinum album Otra Cosa. Pututi has also had success composing music for film/tv, including the GDZ single “La Fiesta No Se Ha Acabado” featured in the 2018 motion picture Overboard.

  • MARC ANTHONY - “Soy Yo” - Opus (Writer)
  • MARC ANTHONY - “Un Amore Eterno” - Opus (Writer)
  • GENTE DE ZONA - Otra Cosa (Writer)
  • GENTE DE ZONA - “La Fiesta No Se Ha Acabado” (Writer)
  • GENTE DE ZONA - “Después De Ti” - En Letra de Otro (Writer)
  • GENTE DE ZONA, LEONI TORRES - “Mejor Sin Ti” (Writer)
  • GENTE DE ZONA, LERICA, LESLIE SHAW - “Solterita De Oro” (Writer)
  • THALIA - “Lento” - Valiente (Writer)
  • YULIEN OVIEDO - “Por Qué Será???” (Writer)
  • BONI & KELLY - “No Me Voy Contigo” - Q’bola (Writer)
  • Seba - Hypnothese (Co-Writer)
  • Paola Guanche - "Pa' tras" (Writer)
  • Gente De Zona, Becky G - "Muchacha" (Writer)
  • Yera, Llane - "No Copia" (Writer)
  • Llane - "Como Antes" (Writer)