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PHIL GOOD is an all in one artist, singer, songwriter and producer signed to Elektra Records. He released his debut single, “Wonder” via the label in the Fall of 2019, which premiered on Billboard and received massive support across all DSPs. With incredible melodic tendencies, sticky hooks and his ability to produce all records, Phil has kept a majority of the project self-contained, with the exception of a few close collaborators including Chris Lyon and Michelle Buzz. Phil recently completed his debut US tour as direct support to Jaymes Young, and his most recent single, “Everything’s Good”, dropped this past May along with this uniquely creative animated video made during quarantine. Phil is currently in the studio working on new music set to release in 2020 via Elektra Records.

  • Phil Good - "Growing Up" (Writer / Performer)
  • Phil Good - "Sleeping In" (Writer / Performer)
  • Phil Good - "Better" (Writer / Performer)
  • Phil Good - "I Miss You" (Writer / Performer)
  • Phil Good - "I'll Fix It" (Writer / Performer)
  • Phil Good - "Be Somebody" (Writer / Performer)
  • Phil Good - "Wonder" (Co-Writer / Co-Producer / Performer)
  • K?D - "Lose Myself feat. Phil Good" (Writer / Featured Artist)
  • Carlie Hanson - "Hazel" (Co-Writer)
  • RAC, Phil Good - "Stuck on You" (Writer / Performer)
  • Phil Good - "Living with No One" (Writer / Performer)
  • Phil Good - "Everything's Good" (Writer / Performer)
  • Phil Good - "How Do I Feel" (Writer / Performer)
  • Phil Good - "Falling" (Writer / Performer)
  • Krane, Boombox Cartel - "All Again" (Writer)
  • Phil Good - "Destination OK" (Writer / Performer)
  • Steve Aoki, Regard - "New York ft. mazie" (Writer)