Paul “Shiny” Coultrup


Paul “Shiny” Coultrup is a seasoned music producer, songwriter, and sound designer hailing from Los Angeles, California. With over two decades of industry experience, he has developed a remarkable prowess for creating music that transcends conventional genres. Trained professionally in various digital audio workstations, including ProTools, Ableton, and Logic. His proficiency doesn’t end with recording software and methods; Paul is also well-versed in synthesis, an expertise that is manifested in his extensive collection of custom-built synthesizers. In addition to his work as a music producer and songwriter, Paul has established a significant footprint in artist development and sound design. His knack for creating compelling soundscapes for synchronization has led to his works being featured in numerous television and film productions. His unceasing devotion to music has been recognized and fostered by PULSE Music Group, with whom he has been partnered for the past six years. This collaboration has yielded a series of noteworthy placements across a wide array of media platforms, including NBC, ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, MTV, HBO, VH1, Netflix, VICELAND, Freeform, APPLE, Comedy Central, Marvel, WWE, Universal Pictures, and more. For Paul, music isn’t just his profession—it’s his passion. His wide-ranging expertise and unwavering dedication have positioned him as an integral figure in the ever-evolving music industry.