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PATRICK MENCEL is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and writer from Philadelphia, PA. He was previously the frontman of the RCA signed indie-rock band Bel Heir in which he sang, played guitar, as well as contributed across all of the writing & production for the project. Patrick’s deep artist sensibility, alongside his emotive lyric and organic productions has made him a go-to across the pop and alternative worlds. Recently, Pat has been working with pop acts John K, Fletcher, Rozes, Quinn Lewis, Nombe, Carlos Vara, Mat Kearney, Winona Oak, Sebastian Javier; and alternative artists Chaz Cardigan, Upsahl, The Wombats, VHS Collection, and NEFFEX.

  • Rozes - "Crazy" (Writer)
  • Bel Heir - "Dreamers" (Writer / Performer)
  • ROZES, Mat Kearney - "Walls" (Writer / Producer)
  • NEFFEX - "Space" - New Beginnings (Writer / Producer)
  • Run Tiger Tiger - "Celebrating Good Times" (Writer / Producer)
  • Jackson Michelson - "Tip Jar" (Writer / Producer)
  • Smallpools, NEFFEX - "the answer" (Writer)
  • Charlotte Sands - "Bad Day" (Writer)
  • No Love for the Middle Child, MOTHICA, MASN - "Nightmares" (Writer)