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Oliver have found the beating heart inside the dance machine. Whether moving bodies at the world’s biggest electronic festivals, or hand-crafting digital gems in the studio, the producer / DJ duo of U-Tern and Oligee are responsible for some of the funkiest, toughest, and most diverse dance music today. After spending years writing, producing, DJing and digging for vinyl, U-Tern and Oligee linked up in LA to forge something groundbreaking. They took their shared ’80s baby tastes – relentlessly groovy R&B, boombox worthy hip-hop, soaring electropop hooks – and mashed them together in remixes for everyone from Chromeo and Big Data to Foster The People and Mayer Hawthorne. With their three EP releases and high-powered collaborations with A-Trak (“Zamboni”), Alex Metric (“Motion Study”), and Destructo (“LA Funky”), there’s no telling where Oliver’s back-to-the-future sound will take them next

  • Oliver - Inner Circle: Remixes and Rarities (Artist)
  • Oliver - Full Circle (Writer/Producer/Performer)
  • Oliver - Light Years Away EP (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Oliver - Mechanical EP (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Oliver - Dirty Talk EP (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Oliver - “Memories Of The Future” (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Oliver - “I Need You” (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Oliver - “All Night” (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Alex Metric & Oliver - Hope EP (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • A-Trak - “Zamboni feat. Oliver” (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • A-Trak - “Disco Nap feat. Oliver” (Performer/Writer/Producer)
  • Madeon - “You’re On ft. Kyan” (Oliver Remix)
  • Big Data - “Dangerous” (Oliver Remix)
  • Foster The People - “Don’t Stop” (Oliver Remix)
  • Foster The People - III - EP (Producer/Co-writer)
  • Chromeo - “Hot Mess” (Oliver Remix)
  • Boys Noize - “Conchord feat. Siriusmo” (Oliver Remix)
  • Mayer Hawthorne - “Her Favorite Song” (Oliver Remix)
  • Britney Spears - “I Wanna Go” (Oliver Remix)
  • Blondie - “Heart Of Glass” (Oliver Remix)
  • Kris Menace - “Waiting For You feat. Black Hills” (Oliver Remix)
  • Black Van - “Inside” (Oliver Remix)
  • Aeroplane - “We Can’t Fly” (Oliver Remix)
  • Breakbot - “One Out Of Two” (Oliver Remix)
  • Punks Jump Up - “Mr. Overtime” (Oliver Remix)
  • Sneaky Sound System - “Big” (Oliver Remix)
  • Penguin Prision - “Calling Out” (Writer/Producer)
  • Penguin Prision - “Fair Warning” (Oliver Remix)
  • Yung Pinch - "Beach Ballin' (feat. blackbear) " - Back 2 the Beach (Co-Writer / Producer)
  • Allie X - "Super Duper Party People" - Cape God (Writer / Producer)