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KARI FAUX is an American rapper, singer and DJ from Little Rock, Arkansas. After releasing her 2014 mixtape “Laugh Now, Die Later,” Kari received early cosigns from Childish Gambino and Issa Rae. In 2015, Childish Gambino created a video called “Gahdamn” with Kari as a remix to her standout hit “No Small Talk.” Their creative bond later evolved to Kari working with Gambino in his studio where she delivered the aerie background chants for “Zombies” from Gambino’s Grammy-Nominated album “Awaken, My Love.” In the same year, Issa Rae placed Kari Faux’s “Top Down” and “No Small Talk” within the first season of HBO’s Insecure as well as Kari’s “Low Key” in the follow up season. In the midst of this success, Kari Faux released a debut album Lost En Los Angeles (2015) and two EPs Primary (2017) and Cry 4 Help (2019) – all of which showcase her unique style of rhyming, unchainable confidence and sultry vocal harmonizing.

Most recently, Kari released her latest mixtape Lowkey Superstar (2020), a project which came to be through a newfound creative partnership with London based producer Danio. In addition to working on music of her own, she’s lives as a multidisciplinary artist – modeling, DJ-ing, and joining as a featured artist on several of her friends’s projects such as Pivot Gang’s You Can’t Sit With Us, Patrick Paige II’s Letters Of Irrelevance, Chloe & Halle’s The Kids Are Alright, Matt Martians’s The Drum Chord Theory, Isaiah Rashad’s The Sun Tirade, Reese LAFLARE’s Jump Off a Building,, bLAck pARty’s Mango, Jean Deaux’s Krash and Yung Baby Tate’s GIRLS.

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  • Kari Faux - "Top Down feat. Leikeli47" - Insecure (Music From the HBO Original Series) (Primary Artist)
  • Kari Faux - "No Small Talk" - Insecure (Music From the HBO Original Series) (Primary Artist)
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  • Danny Brown - "I Will (Faux Remix)" (Producer)
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