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JULIAN DENTE (YØUTH) is a 27 year old multi-instrumentalist, producer, and writer based out of Nashville, TN. Self taught on guitar, piano, bass, and drums, Julian found himself performing in a number of friends’ bands before inspiring the creation of his own alternative rock project, YØUTH. His understanding as an artist, and his imaginative/textured productions has put him on the map as a go-to for Nashville based artists in the alternative and pop worlds. He has been extensively working with Annika Bennett and Chaz Cardigan on their upcoming albums, as well as recent collaborations with Betcha, Gia Woods, Cappa, Svrcina, Estef, Brasko, and more.

  • YØUTH - Blame (Writer / Performer)
  • YØUTH - Start Again EP (Writer / Performer)
  • Corey Kilgannon - "Ghost II feat. YØUTH" (Writer / Featured Artist)
  • BASERNNR - "Encinitas" (Writer)
  • Chaz Cardigan - "Everything's Wrong" (Writer / Producer)
  • Chaz Cardigan - "Everything's Wrong" - Holograma (Writer)
  • Chaz Cardigan - "Let It Rest" - Holograma (Writer)
  • STRUAN - "Want You Back Now" (Writer)
  • The Foxies - "Blush Boy" - Who Are You Now, Who Were You Then? (Writer / Producer)
  • The Foxies - "Good Try" - Who Are You Now, Who Were You Then? (Writer / Producer)