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Jesse Baez, born in Chicago and raised in Guatemala, embarks on a musical odyssey characterized by a seamless blend of diverse influences, compelling narratives, and an unwavering quest for groundbreaking sounds. Recognized as a trailblazer in the realm of contemporary R&B in Spanish, he stands tall today as one of the genre’s most important figures.

His first performance as a solo artist took place in 2016 at Mexico City’s prestigious Ceremonia festival, marking the inception of an extraordinary journey. Since then, Jesse has been part of the lineups of renowned festivals spanning the Americas and Spain, including iconic stages like Lollapalooza in Chicago and Argentina, Sónar, Estéreo Picnic, and CocaCola FlowFest.

In April 2022, Jesse unveiled his debut album, “Amor en Español,” capturing the attention of the global music scene. It received rave reviews and captivated listeners with its poignant narratives and mesmerizing lyrics, creating a tapestry of emotions in the language of romance or as Jesse describes it, ‘romantic songs in Spanish’.

Emerging as a leading figure amidst the surge of urban rhythms sweeping Latin America, Jesse’s collaborative ventures stand as a testament to his influence and artistry. From dynamic partnerships with LATIN MAFIA, C. Tangana, Alvaro Díaz, and Alemán to electrifying collaborations with Dillon Francis and Ximena Sariñana, his musical repertoire transcends boundaries, resonating with audiences worldwide.

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  • Paty Cantú & Jesse Baez - "Miento" - Single (Writer, Featured Artist)
  • Alizzz - "Tu cama (feat. Jesse Baez & Paul Cendejas) [Live Acoustic, Barcelona, 30 julio 2019]" (Co-Writer)
  • Jesse Baez - "Mientes" (Writer / Performer)
  • Ximena Sariñana, Jesse Baez - "TBT 4 Ever 2.0 (feat. Jesse Baez)" (Writer / Performer)
  • Jesse Baez - 'NITRO' (Writer / Performer)
  • Play Machine - "EXC3SO" (Writer / Performer)
  • Kiddo Toto, Big Soto, Jesse Baez, ONIRIA - "WAXXA" (Writer / Performer)
  • YOSHI - "Se Me Olvida" - Demos y Feelings (Writer / Performer)
  • Kordelya - "s a l u d o s - Jesse Baez" (Writer / Performer)
  • Milkman - "Sueños Grandes" (Writer / Performer)
  • YOSHI, Jesse Baez - "De Más" (Writer / Performer)
  • Jesse Baez - "Limo" (Writer / Performer)
  • Jesse Baez - "No Jaló" (Writer / Performer)
  • ARON, MYGAL - "Plastilina (Una Chica de Verdad)" - Nieve
  • Alvaro Diaz - "18+1" - Felicilandia (Writer / Performer)
  • Jesse Baez - "Honey" (Writer / Performer)