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JERRY DEMARA is a singer-songwriter based in California. He co-wrote two number one hit singles for Gerardo Ortiz, “Regresa Hermosa” and “Para Que Lastimarme” which both won ASCAP Latin Awards. In 2018 he released his debut album Brindemos which reached #3 on Latin Album Charts and was nominated for Latin Grammy that year. He recently released his sophomore album Empiezo de Cero and continues to write for some of the top artists in Regional Mexican.

  • GERARDO ORTIZ - “Regresa Hermosa” (Writer)
  • GERARDO ORTIZ - “Para Que Lastimarme” (Writer)
  • JERRY DEMARA - Brindemos (Writer / Performer)
  • Jerry Demara - Empiezo de Cero (Writer / Performer)
  • Gerardo Ortiz - "Callada" - Mas Caro, Que Ayer