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Chicago native Jeremy Silver is a songwriter, producer and ASCAP-award winning composer. His work has been licensed extensively in TV, films, and commercials for brands such as Lexus, Verizon, X-Box, Cheerios, Kraft, Chase Bank, Nordstrom, and Wal-Mart. With over 100 sync placements, his songs and productions blend alternative and pop genres.

Recently he wrote and co-produced the top 40 radio single “Damn” for LIVVIA (12 Tone), as well as co-wrote and produced “Hillside” by The Brummies which was also featured in the trailer of the 2020 Apple TV Series ‘Dads’. Jeremy has recently been in the studio with NEFFEX, More Giraffes, The Brummies, and Slow Magic. Frequent collaborators include Marty James, Skyler Stonestreet, Jesse Thomas, Noe and Cole Citrenbaum.

  • More Giraffes - "Treehouse" (Co-Writer)
  • NEFFEX - "Don't Hate Me" - New Beginnings (Writer)
  • Warren Hue - "Charged!" (Writer)
  • Rachel Grae - "Bad Timing" (Writer)
  • Jessie Payo - "Dance Real Close" (Writer)
  • Jung Youth - "I Got It" (Writer)
  • Conrad - "Hollow" (Writer)
  • Mandy Harvey - "Carousel" - Paper Cuts (Writer)
  • Mandy Harvey - "Ritual" - Paper Cuts (Writer)
  • Mandy Harvey - "Bought Myself Roses" - Paper Cuts (Writer)
  • Various (Writer) - "Count on Me - Jac Ross" - DC League of Super-Pets (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)