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Jacob Gago is a Nigerian music producer, songwriter and mixing engineer from Los Angeles, CA. A truly diverse talent, Jacob can play the piano, bass, drums, and guitar. In sessions, Jacob often leads with piano and drums as his main instruments, then builds the production around the song. His ability to build songs organically has allowed him to secure cuts across a variety of genres such pop, hip-hop, rock, EDM and sync. Jacob is also a close collaborator of Starrah’s as part of her 3:02 collective. Most recently, Jacob Gago co-produced “There It Is” and “Touch The Sky” off Yung Bae’s album “Groove Continental: Side A.” Jacob has also been landing major TV & Film placements on shows such as The CW’s ‘Riverdale’, HBO Max’s ‘Fboy Island’, Amazon Original’s Kung Fu Panda, and an upcoming Apple TV+ show.

  • Bravo - "Skyfall" (Writer)
  • CHANMINA - "Rainy Friday" - Angel (Writer)
  • Alok, Matheus & Kauan - "TU" (Writer)
  • Weathers - "Rehab" (Writer / Producer)
  • Jacob Gago, Baby Crypto - "Look Easy" (Writer / Producer)
  • The Blah Blah Blahs - "How Ya Like It" (Writer)
  • Yung Bae - "Touch the Sky (feat. The Ready Set)" - Groove Continental: Side A (Writer)
  • Yung Bae - "There It Is" - Groove Continental: Side A (Writer)
  • Iamdulo, Jacob Gago, Meaku - "Let's Talk" (Writer / Producer / Performer)
  • Gunder808, Harm Franklin - "Girls Just Want to Party" (Writer)
  • Deux Twins, Sam Short - "Only Dance We Get (with Sam Short)" (Writer / Producer)