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Elijah Waters is a Dutch singer, songwriter and producer whose ability to deliver emotive and catchy lyricism with effortless ease and melodies is reminiscent of Justin Timberlake and PartyNextDoor. Growing up he was surrounded by an infinite amount of music through his father’s extensive collection of records and his influences include the likes of Radiohead, Marvin Gaye and D’Angelo. However, he is also an avid listener of rap crooners such as Future and Young Thug that have helped widen his view of music.

In 2020, The Rotterdam native released two tracks ‘Lose Control’ and ‘Enticing’ and his mellow yet soulful performance on Youtube’s A COLORS SHOW helped showcase his talents and opened the door for him to connect with creatives around the world. Elijah released his EP “Arranged Escape” in 2021 – an identity story about self and society communicated through his infectious hooks, unorthodox melodies and genre pushing production that he crafts himself.

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