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Ekkstacy is an artist and songwriter from Vancouver, Canada who has made massive strides in the new wave of alternative, grunge and punk. Having grown up on early 2000’s SoundCloud rap, he discovered moodie indie rock in his late teens and binged that scene with the same intensity. Working alone and teaching himself as he went, Ekkstacy channeled his musical obsessions and PTSD into songs with brutally honest lyrics about self-harm and sadness, and slate-grey production that recalls early-80s post-punk. He has organically drawn in a cult following that continues to grow, as well as amassing hundreds of millions of streams across DSPS, with his single “i walk this earth all by myself” amassing over 137,000,000 streams and counting on spotify alone. Poised to release his eagerly-anticipated third LP in 2024, this new era is infused with an urgency that brings the anxious aggression and breakneck tempos of early punk into the doom scroll era.

  • Ekkstacy - misery (Writer / Producer / Performer)
  • Ekkstacy - NEGATIVE (Writer / Performer)
  • See You Next Year, Ekkstacy & Mike Dean - "I Guess" (Writer / Performer)
  • Ekkstacy - "it only gets worse, i promise" (Writer / Performer)
  • Ekkstacy - "in love" (Writer / Performer)
  • Ekkstacy - "i want to be by your side feat. herhexx" (Writer / Performer)
  • Ekkstacy - "i walk this earth all by myself" (Writer / Performer)
  • Ekkstacy - "See You Later" (Writer / Performer)
  • Ekkstacy - "Starry Eyes" (Writer / Performer)
  • Ekkstacy - "Love" (Writer / Performer)
  • Ekkstacy - "Uncomparable" (Writer / Performer)
  • Ekkstacy - "stupid kids" (Writer / Performer)