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COLE CITRENBAUM is an LA based producer, writer, artist and multi-instrumentalist who moves seamlessly across the pop and alternative genres. He is half of the indie-pop duo Opia, and his deep artist sensibility alongside impressive guitar abilities and emotive lyric has made him a go-to across the creative community. Cole works most often with his close collaborators Wrabel and Tiggs (Ross Golan), and has recently been writing with Lucky Daye, Joe London, Simon Wilcox, Stanaj, Lawrence, Mitch Allan, Cara Salimando, Middle Kids and Imad Royal, among others.

  • Emma Sameth - "Long Way Home" (Co-Writer / Producer)
  • Louis Tomlinson - "Don't Let It Break Your Heart" - Walls (Co-Writer)
  • Dotan - "Bleeding" (Writer)
  • MOONZz - "What It's Like" - Modern Ritual (Writer)
  • Opia - "Squish" (Writer / Performer)
  • Opia - "Painter" (Writer / Performer)
  • Alextbh - "Moments" (Writer)
  • Opia - "So Long" (Writer / Performer)
  • Brandon Stansell - "Hurt People feat. Cam" (Writer)
  • Alextbh - "Between" (Writer)
  • Valley - "nevermind" (Writer)
  • Alextbh - "Moments" - The Chase (Writer)
  • Alextbh - "Between" - The Chase (Writer)
  • Alextbh - "Painted Skies" - The Chase (Writer)
  • Alextbh - "Numb" - The Chase (Writer)