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apob (Aaron Paul O’Brien) is a songwriter-producer based in Los Angeles, originally from upstate New York. apob’s core strength as an all-encompassing creative is working one on one with artists to create ideas from scratch. As a skilled multi-instrumentalist, apob’s productions are rooted in compelling musicality, yet span across many genres. apob is a core collaborator of Dora Jar’s, he most recently co-wrote and produced her latest single, “Spell”, as well as “Voice in the Darkness” from her debut Digital Meadow EP. He also works closely with Deb Never, most recently co-writing and producing three records off her latest EP Thank You For Attending, including the lead single “Momentary Sweetheart”. Other key works include releases with JELEEL!, and Aidan Bissett.

  • AIDAN BISSETT - “A Song For Her” - I'm Alright If You're OK (Writer / Producer)
  • DEB NEVER - “Momentary Sweetheart” (Writer / Producer)
  • Dora Jar - “Spell” (Writer / Producer)
  • Dora Jar - “Voice In The Darkness” - Digital Meadow (Writer / Producer)
  • JELEEL! - "JELEEL JUICE” (Writer / Producer)