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ANDRÉS REBELLÓN is a Colombian multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and mixer who has been making music professionally for over a decade. As a bass player, he has toured and recorded on several albums working with the likes of The Nick Hexum Quintet, Salt Cathedral, Juan Pablo Vega and Marina. He is a member of the Colombian hip hop crew INDIO, a collective of musicians and MC’s who are wildly shaping the new sound of the Latin and Colombian Hip hop scene, Andres has been able to bring this new wave to the forefront of his country’s music scene. Now based in Los Angeles, Andres has produced, written, and mixed records for Diamante Electrico, Simon Mejia, Salt Cathedral, Kordelya, Esteman, Ruzto, Lianna, as well as expanding his own project Ok Reverie. Andres’ knowledge of the global alternative landscape has made him a destination producer for many artists around the world.

  • Esteman, Miranda! - "Juan Y Paul" (Writer)
  • Carlos Vives - "Rapsodia en La Mayor (para Elena) - Ok Reverie Remix" - KOGI Sessions Vol. 1 (Cumbiana Remixes) (Writer)
  • Shayhan - "House Guy" (Writer)
  • Harmless - "Mrs. Moody" (Writer)
  • Esty - "Break My Phone" - Estyland (EP) (Writer)
  • Harmless - "Mr. Baby" - Mr. Baby (EP) (Writer)
  • Abby Sage - "Force of Habit" (Writer)
  • Elijah Waters - "Bittersweet" (Writer / Producer)
  • Mario Bautista - "Efímero" - 5 (Writer / Producer)
  • Cuco, Bratty - "Fin Del Mundo (with Bratty)" (Writer / Producer)
  • Cuco - "Heaven is a Lucid Dream" - Fantasy Gateway (Writer / Producer)
  • Cuco - "Paraphonic" - Fantasy Gateway (Writer / Producer)
  • Cuco - "Artificial Intelligence" - Fantasy Gateway (Writer / Producer)
  • Cuco - "Fin Del Mundo (with Bratty)" - Fantasy Gateway (Writer / Producer)
  • Cuco - "Sitting in The Corner (Adriel Favela & Kacy Musgraves)" - Fantasy Gateway (Writer / Producer)
  • BARDO, Bardo Martinez - "Polaroid Weekend" (Writer / Producer)
  • Adanna Duru - "Boogie" (Writer / Producer)
  • Khamari - "Tell Me" (Writer)