Created by musicians for musicians, PULSE is a music publishing, management and music services company that is home to a talent roster credited with more than 100 million units of recorded music sales. Founded in 2007 by record producer Josh Abraham and songwriters Scott Cutler and Anne Preven, the Pulse team now includes more than 25 executives, managers, and technology professionals. Their mission is to provide a sanctuary (both metaphorically and literally) where their songwriters, producers and artists are free to reach and exceed their full potential. With its two recording studios in LA’s Silver Lake district and four studios in Burbank, PULSE provides a creative hub unlike any other in the music business.

Pulse Music Publishing, the core of the company, along with its sub-publishers around the world shares in joint ventures with American Songs, the publishing entity founded by legendary music producer Rick Rubin. Magnus Media, the Latin entertainment company founded by international icon Marc Anthony. And Creative Nation, the multiple award-winning and Country chart dominating music publishing and management company created by Luke Laird and Beth Laird.